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Museveni’s ‘plan B’ as clergy sharpen criticism


Museveni’s ‘plan B’ as clergy sharpen criticism

President Museveni is welcomed to Kyebambe Girls during a fundraising event for the construction of a Chapel at Kyebambe Girls in Fort Portal

The name of Rwenzori Anglican Diocese Reuben Kisembo has entered history books for telling President Museveni to his face that time has come for him to leave power. And for this, Bishop Kisembo is receiving admiration and praise from many circles especially on social media for having gathered the courage to tell President Museveni to honour his Constitutional vow to leave power.

Reading from prepared remarks, Bishop Kisembo first heaped praise on Museveni but towards the end, he dropped the ‘Atomic Bomb’.

He said that in spite of last year’s Constitutional Amendment that scrapped the age limits for anyone to contest for presidency in Uganda, president Museveni “should not deny us peaceful transition of power.”

This was during a fundraising ceremony to build a Chapel at Kyebambe Girls Secondary School over the weekend.

Visibly disturbed by the Bishop’s surprise and clearly unrelenting criticism, President Yoweri Museveni responded with anger calling the challenge provocative and indiscipline.

Museveni described Bishop Kisembo’s comments as provocative and a sign of indiscipline.
“You should have a disciplined way of interacting. This casual talk should stop. It is indiscipline of the highest order,” Museveni said, adding that he cannot be lectured to, because knows better.

Kisembo’s comments are the latest in a growing string of direct challenges by the clergy towards Museveni to step down from power. Last week Museveni and his NRM party commemorated 32 years in power, a feat that makes him one of the longest serving presidents in the world.

Former FDC leader Kizza Besigye’s take on Museveni’s response to Bishop Kisembo’s challenge

During and after last December’s Constitutional amendment, a number of top clergy including the Archbishop of Kampala Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, Namirembe Diocess’s Kityo Luwalira openly criticized Museveni and the NRM for abrogating the constitution by amending the constitution to suit their ‘selfish desires’.



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