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PS Diana Atwine was  dead wrong


PS Diana Atwine was  dead wrong

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dianah Atwine

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dianah Atwine

For PS Diana Atwine to say on national television that they had not received any complaints about any side effects from the people who recently received the Hepatitis B vaccine which is said to have been fake is indeed ridiculous.

I wonder what she meant by that. Was her statement supposed to reassure us, the victims that we are safe just because we have not yet suffered any side effects or was she trying to imply that the fake vaccine was actually harmless because of no signs of side effects?

How sure is she when the tests to prove that actually the fake vaccine was harmless are not yet out? How sure is she that we the innocent victims won’t suffer any side effects in the future? What if the tests come back and it is proven that whatever was in the vaccine is a deadly body poison that gradually affects the body?

We have heard of so many such stories where people were vaccinated fake vaccines which later turned out into dangerous diseases and all these in the name of research and experiments.

For instance, look at HIV/AIDS. It is reported by Edward Hooper in his book, ‘Journey to the source of AIDS’ that the onset of AIDS was linked to mass polio vaccinations in the 1950s when nearly a million of Africans were injected with an experimental vaccine derived from monkey organs.

In his report, “Who Murdered Africa”, Dr. William Compelled Douglass wrote that HIV was produced that it was  genetically engineered in 1974. He says this was a cold blooded successful attempt to create a killer virus which was then used in a successful experiment in Africa which experiments were done through vaccinations.

While these stories may not be aligned with the actual period, they carry the same message – that the virus was genetically engineered and black gays, Africans and monkeys have taken on the blame.  The same goes for Ebola.

So, while we read all kinds of these stories, how can you expect us to remain calm by making such unprofounded statements when we still have fear of being vaccinated with a fake vaccine.

Diana Bauza, Kyengera



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