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IHK in the spotlight after ex-WBS Anchor Nambaziira Passes on


IHK in the spotlight after ex-WBS Anchor Nambaziira Passes on

Ex-WBS Luganda News Anchor Nulliat Nambaziira

Ex-WBS Luganda News Anchor Nulliat Nambaziira died at IHK from postpartum complications

“The cruel hand of death has snatched our beloved former news anchor Nuliat Nambaziira,” many people will eulogise. Only a few faint voices will question why, how and who slept on their job, at a so-called ‘International’ hospital!!

According Sheila Kawamara Mishambi, who is the Executive Director of EAASI, where Nambaziira was working as Communications Officer, Nulliat died from complications that developed after she was delivered of a baby last Friday.

Studies focusing on why so many mothers die before, during or after birth in Uganda, have linked such incidents to poor service delivery, lack of facilities mostly found in government health facilities.

For International Hospital Kampala (IHK) to lose a patient in similar circumstances would be a disaster to merit a major investigation.

Most patients part with millions of shillings at the facility to avoid losing loved-ones on grounds of avoidable causes such as incompetence and poor facilities.

Some campaigns aimed at bringing an end to this scourge have introduced campaigns such as Never Again, an perhaps, the hospital needs to adopt such a strict stance and account for the loss of Nambaziira’s life. IHK have yet to say anything officially about Nambaziira’s death.



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