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Woman tortures niece for a month over suspected teenage love


Woman tortures niece for a month over suspected teenage love

Savanna Namome lies in pain in Mbale General Hospital

Savanna Namome lies in pain in Mbale General Hospital

Savannah Namome, a 16-year old student of Maluku Secondary School in Mbale is enduring intense pain at her hospital bed in Mbale general hospital because of septic wounds she reportedly sustained one month ago from beatings that were occasioned by own aunt.

Good Samaritans working with Police officers from Mbale Central Police Station this week rescued Namome from the home of her aunt identified as Aidah Nabulo of Musoto village in Mbale.

The Sunrise has obtained disturbing graphic images of Namome’s big wounds as well as confirmations from the police of the incident.

According to William Otako from the organisation End Child Trafficking Uganda, Namome was badly beaten by her aunt one Alice Nabulo after she suspected her of having an affair. She was locked in the house for nearly a month until her absence attracted suspicion from friends who invited police to start an investigation.

Sharon Namono, whom The Sunrise found nursing Namome, said that the girl’s flesh has started to rot as a result of being kept for nearly a month after she was beaten.

“When the neighbours reported the case to Police, Namome’s aunt run away up to now her whereabouts are unknown,” said Namono, who quickly added however that Nabulo’s two sons, who had been arrested to help with investigations, were released in the good Samaritans suspected to have been influenced by corruption.

On Wednesday, Namono revealed that some Police officers working with Nabulo’s young brother had gone to Namome’s bed to try to force her to record a new statement and say that she was raped as opposed to the earlier record of torture by her aunt.

Namono also expressed concern about what she said was the worsening condition of Namome since they didn’t have money to buy drugs for her medication.



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