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Christians urged to Repent as Kidnaps and Killings Grip Uganda


Christians urged to Repent as Kidnaps and Killings Grip Uganda

Recently gunned down former Arua Mp Abiriga

Recently gunned down former Arua Mp Abiriga

The rampant kidnaps and killings that have gripped Uganda in recent months have created fear amongst people as there seems to be no end to them. Now a bishop has urged Christians to seek God’s intervention.

Emmanuel Obbo, the Arch Bishop of Tororo Diocese, while preaching in Namugongo recently, said what seemed the only way to stop the vices was for Christians to turn back to God.

Obbo said: “Let every family have prayers with God in every time of their life. The culture of anger, revenge, selfishness, jealousy, indifferences and abortion has become a fashion and a right to some families.”

He said that the search for “quick money” had entered Christian families, leading them into doing evil.

“We need forgiveness from God through constant repentance,” Obbo added.

Police reports show that between January and April 2018, 42 kidnap cases were recorded. Seven out of the 42 were killed including Suzan Magara whose corpse was found dumped alongside Entebbe Road.

Christians every June 3 throng Namugongo to commemorate the Uganda Martyrs, Catholics and Anglicans who were killed between January 31, 1885 and January 27, 1887 at the orders of King Mwanga because of their faith.

While addressing pilgrims at Nakiyanja shrine, the Anglican shrine, President Yoweri Museveni urged religious leaders to help Ugandans fight poverty.

Museveni said: “Religious leaders – Catholics, Protestants and Muslims should lead Uganda into transforming our country although we are just visitors on this earth.”

He added: “The bible says ‘you can’t light a candle and cover it with a basket. You must put it outside and let it light the whole world.’ Therefore we should fight poverty within ourselves.”

He said government would construct the Protestants’ shrine to look like that of the Catholics.

Security was heightened at both shrines with the deployment of the Military Police, Special Forces Command (SFC), as well as the regular police.




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