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John McCain dies


John McCain dies

Vietnam war hero John McCain has passed on

John McCain, the Senator from the US State of Arizona, and two-time contender for US presidency, died Saturday August 25, at his home surrounded by his family members. He was aged 81.

McCain, remembered and revered for his courage as a Vietnam war hero, passed away after he chose to stop treatment for a brain cancer tumour that was diagnosed in 2017.

His six-term spell as a Senator coupled with his reputation as a dealmaker, earned him the reputation of a maverick.

By the time of his death, McCain had become one of reigning US President Donald Trump’s biggest critics. His decision to vote down President Trump’s Health Care Bill that sought to replace the famous Affordable Care Act passed by the Obama administration, dealt a death blow to Trump’s efforts on that front.

McCain was defeated by a 42-year old Barack Obama in 2008, to give America its first black president.



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