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Tax payer’s appreciation week begins


Tax payer’s appreciation week begins

People who turned up for the URA appreciation Week

People who turned up for the URA appreciation Week

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has started prizing tax payers appreciating them for paying their dues in time. With the theme ‘stronger together’, UNRA organised the appreciation week scheduled to last for three days starting today 26th-28th of September at Kololo.

The public has responded positively and many are ready to receive free medical services, legal services, Tin registration, land tittle verifications and National ID registration.

The NIRA official, names withheld revealed to the sunrise reporter that one is expected to report with a letter from their LC1 chairperson with parent’s name, tribe, clan and parents’ details, dead or alive. If the parents are dead, you expected tomention it in the letter and if they are still alive, the tax payer is expected to attach copies of their identity card on the LC1 letter.

For people in need of card replacement, the officials are expected to report with a police letter with fifty two thousand three hundred shillings. The fifty thousand is for a new card and balance is for bank charge. This helps you get a replacement form and then follow other procedures.

With the excise going on, there are some people who feel the communication was not effective and their time has been wasted.

One tax payer name withheld who had gone for the ID replacement said ‘I wish they had told us about the fifty thousand shillings for replacement, I shouldn’t have wasted my time coming here this early.’

Micheal Ssuubi  who had come to register for the first time said was a bit disappointed with the excise because the procedures are not different from what we go through everyday

‘Things are not as I expected. These are the same procedures we follow everyday. I expected to get my ID with in these three days but the way I see things, I don’t think it will be possible. Now I have to fill this form and take it to the division. It is not favourable at all’








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