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Iteso  to throng cultural gala in Kumi District


Iteso  to throng cultural gala in Kumi District

Booma Grounds Kumi will this week be the centre of attraction in the Teso sub region as the Iteso enter a major festival to celebrate their culture.

This annual event started as a cultural heritage day 20 years ago but this time the celebrations will lastfor four days starting on November 19 and ending on November 22nd.

Activities will include traditional and contemporary music and dance as well as the exhibition of foods, wear, and the general Iteso way of life.

Emanuel Edulu, who is in charge of Cultural performances, says the festival was started following the restoration of the Emorimor, the Teso cultural leader, with the motive of uniting the Iteso in the Atekele family.

The Atekele includes all Iteso people from Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, including the Karimojong.

This year’s celebrations have been organized under the theme: “Unity the Key to Social Development” and President Yoweri Museveni is expected to be the Guest of Honour.

Policap Angole Manase, the public relations manager of the event, said they will use this year’s theme to promote economic and social development in the sub region.

“As we talk now almost all hotels in Kumi are booked up. We are going to use unity to boost both economic and social development,” he said.

The ceremony is coordinated by Monique Amoding, the Kumi district woman MP.



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