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IUIU: Over 2000 to graduate


IUIU: Over 2000 to graduate

IUIU Retor Dr. Ahmed Kawesa Ssengendo

IUIU Retor Dr. Ahmed Kawesa Ssengendo

Over 2000 students are to graduate on November 3, 2018, in Mbale during the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU)’s 26th graduation ceremony. Of these 1,153 are male and 1,095 are female, representing a ratio of 51 and 49 percent respectively.

The Academic Registrar, Dr. Halima Wakabi Akbar, said that 10 percent (225 students) passed with First Class, 87 percent (1955 students) with Second Class and 3 percent (68 students) with Pass or Gentleman’s degree.

A total of 162 students (52 female and 110 male) shall receive a Master’s degree, 62 (23 female and 39 male) to get postgraduate diplomas, 115 students (91 male and 24 female) to get certificates, and 380 students (220 female and 160 male) to get undergraduate diplomas.

Dr Akbar said that this academic year male students performed better than their female counterparts.

“Except in the certificate in midwifery, which was attended only by female students (26), and a few other programs, male students performed better compared female students,” she said.

She added that this year students generally performed better than last year.

“We have a bigger number of graduates compared to last year, even the performance in terms of first class is better than last year,” Akbar said.

This number consist of graduates from 13 master’s programmes, seven post graduate, four certificate, 11 post diploma and 24 bachelors programmes.

Graduates to receive two cards

Unlike recent years where one card has always been issued to guardians in order to attend the graduation, this year two card shall be given to the two guardians who are always invited officially to attend the ceremony. Dr. Halima said that this was done to ease the process. “you find that two parents have been sharing one card yet they are in different lines so for this case we have incurred in an extra cost to print two cards to ease the process for our dear guardians.

Best students to be Awarded

As it is the culture at IUIU of awarding best performing students, this year the Prince Badiru Kankungulu Award, that is always given to the overall student, shall be given to Abdul Rahman Mahadi, a student of Bachelors in Islam and Arabic language at the main campus.

The Alumnae Award that is given to the second best student shall be given to both Kasim Lukwago of Bachelors in Public Administration and Huzaifa Lutalo of Bachelors in Arts,  Education. They drew during the selection. They both are from the main campus.

The International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO) award, given to the best overall female student, shall go to Rehema Namubiru, a student of Bachelors in Sharia at the main campus.

The Rector’s award, given to the best innovative and creative student, shall go to six students of Bachelors in Information Technology from the Kampala campus. These innovated the Smart Office Automation System.

This machine, according to Akbar, helps the owner to control his or her office even in his or her absence.

“You can switch off and on your lights even when you are not in the office, you can control your computer, switch on the alarm,” she said.

These students are Semwogerere Rajab, Sentongo Habib, Wamwoyo Faruku, Kisakye Haruna, Nakawoya Maluwa and Logose Mastula.

The winners are selected by a committee that comprises the Academic Registrar, Deans, Director of campuses and the Vice Rector Academic affairs who chair it.

“Each person on the committee awards marks to the nominated student. We have marks for academics, moral uprightness, extra curricula activities and leadership,” Akbar said.

How IUIU gives more than academics

For at least the last ten years, graduates from IUIU have had more chances of getting employed compared to graduates from other institution.

Professor Ismail Ssimbwa Gyagenda, the Vice Rector Academic Affairs at IUIU attributed this to the extra discipline that is given to the students in addition to books.

“We equip our students with books and moral values and this has helped them excel mostly in places where they are employed,” he said.

Gyagenda added that although students think that the strict rules are against them, they end up benefiting from them.

Akbar said that in addition to academics, IUIU has Islamized programs which have helped instill morals in students, subsequently making them likeable employeed.

Graduants advised to be IUIU ambassadors

Professor Gyagenda urged the graduands to be ambassadors of IUIU wherever they go.

“You have been trained at IUIU to be our ambassadors wherever you go,” he said.

Dr. Akbar called upon graduates to always make a change in the lives of the people they live and work with and learn to use the available skills.

“You may not get the job that you wished for but we have given you education not only to get jobs but to also use the available resources to earn a living,” she said.


7:00am – 8:00am: Arrival and screening of granduands.

8:00am: graduands and parents move to graduation ceremonial ground.

9:00am: 10:00: Guest take up their sits.

1:00 pm: Closure of function Insah-Allah



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