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Why Maurice Kirya wanted to audition for upcoming show


Why Maurice Kirya wanted to audition for upcoming show


king of mwoyo Maurice Kirya

king of mwoyo Maurice Kirya


Maurice Kirya has the reputation of being one of the few talented guitarists in Uganda. But when he said that he would audition for any artist that wanted to share the stage for his upcoming live performance, there was an aha-moment among the industry as well as show-biz fans.

Now however, the suspense that comment triggered, appears to extinguished following the release this week of a list of lucky artists he chose to accompany him as he stages the Kirya Live 2018 concert at Serena Kampala Hotel on November 2, 2018.

And guess what, there’s not a single artist among the top music personalities that has featured. Rather, Kirya has lined musicians like Shifah Musisi – the Ow’oluganda hit maker, Jessy Muyonjo, Afric, Nik and the Body of Brian.

Rafiki has reliably learned that Kirya chose the little known stars because in his view – they are good musicians. The truth however is that Kirya’s choice stems from the fact that his Soul music genre is little appreciated and even less understood by most mainstream musicians.

Kirya shares the genre with the likes of Kenneth Mugabi. For those who don’t know Soul Music, it’s characterized with slow rhythms, attention to the message as opposed to the instruments. As Sunrise, we want to keep you updated to all the preparations for Kirya’s show.



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