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Ebayo’s sports career ruined by Politics


Ebayo’s sports career ruined by Politics

Herbert Ebayo a renowned Badminton player might see his career going to the Dogs. This comes after he has missed several training and tournaments and this dates back to his friends, family and team members who say they have not seen him in a while.

Ebayo whose Badminton career started way back at Sharing Hall in Nsambya has been captaining the Uganda Badminton team but of late, he has not been the vibrant Ebayo that we have seen. Because of his talent, Ebayo had been taken on by the Government of Uganda which fully supports his sports career as recommended by the Uganda Badminton Federation. According to sources close to the badminton player said that his lack of consistency started when he was told that the main reason he was taken on by the Government is to make him help mobilize the youth and change their mindset from People Power, a political umbrella started by Singer turned Politics Bobi Wine.

Our source went on to say that Ebayo refused and he was being threatened by the local government saying that he has chosen to take on his Father’s footsteps. Ebayo’s father is one of the Ugandans that never believed and always fought against President Museveni’s government in demand of change. According to Bright Kyeria, Ebayo’s personal coach, they are doing everything possible to get Ebayo back on the team because he is one of the key players that the team cannot do without and being the Captain of the team, his presence is key.

Besides that, the names Herbert Ebayo was listed among the people who stoned the President’s car in Arua recently. One of the suspects of the incident Mr Omar Risasi Amabua amidst arrest said that Ebayo who he worked with on stoning the Presidential car fled and left him to be arrested. The 70-year-old who said he worked with Ebayo is said to be a relative to Ebayo’s father and they both have anger against President Museveni’s regime and that he is trying to pass on the same anger to his grandchildren and Ebayo must have fallen victim.



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