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Sheik Ibrahim Nkangi applauded


Sheik Ibrahim Nkangi applauded

Opening up a Mosque in Katooke

Opening up the Kaliiti Masjid

Uganda Muslim Supreme council has applauded and appreciated the role played by the former  Khadi of west Buganda and
the current adviser to the mufti of Uganda. Sheik Ibrahim Nkangi was applauded for the contribution he has made for the propagation of Islam in Uganda in areas of education and his royalty to Uganda Muslim Supreme council since its creation in the 1970s

This was part of Uganda Muslim Supreme council secretary General Hajj Ramadhan Mugalu‘s speech during the opening of Masjid
Kaliiti Kitooke village in Wakiso Muslim district at the resident of sheik Ibrahim Nkangi and said that current generation should emulate
the example of the generation of sheiks like Sheikh Ibrahim Nkangi who are always loyal in their services towards the progress of Islam

The secretary General was also taken around Kaliiti Quran memorization school at Kaliiti  that was initiated by Sheik Nkangi towards promotion of education in this area




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