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Singer Ryzan missing after surviving lynching from Homophobic gang


Singer Ryzan missing after surviving lynching from Homophobic gang

By Our Reporter

Uganda has of late been a war zone because of politics and it is said that singer turned Politician Robert Kyagulanyi known as Bobi Wine to many has influenced a group of young people to join his people power movement. The People Power movement has since then proved to be strong and has become a threat to the President of the Country Yoweri Kaguta Museveni that everyone who is highly involved with Bobi Wine has been paying the price.

Ryzan with international gospel singer Don Moen

People like Yasin Kawuma who is Bobi Wine’s driver was shot and killed in Arua during a scuffle that involved People Power members. Eddie Mutwe who is Bobi Wine personal security was also arrested and tortured in a place we didn’t findout and many have been kidnapped and hurt. Among the people who suffered because they are on Bobi Wine’s People Power Movement is Frank Kagimu also known Ryzan who is said to have been picked on the way home after the Arua incidence and also tortured and released . Ryzan says that he still gets threats about people who want to kill him because he is among the group that is inciting violence through the people Power Umbrella. The threats might have scared away Ryzan who has been missing for about 4 months now.

Ryzan with Bobi Wine

When we spoke to one of the top singers who preferred anonymity for safety reasons, he said that Ryzan has been receiving death threats from the people he thinks wanted him to distance himself from people power. He went on and said that Ryzan is one artistes who was also involved with the gay community and he has been living as a homosexual.

The gospel music association in Uganda banned him from performing at any events after knowing he is gay and he was stopped from releasing more songs. There are also reports that Ryzan was recently lynched and ganged up by a group of unknown people who said they were against Gay people in Uganda and that they were in fight to end the activity. The lynching took place at a concert in Lungujju play grounds, he has since then disappeared and they are still searching for him. Singer Ryzan Churchson is one of the top gospel artistes in Uganda. He is known for songs like Yesu wange, Follow You, Shape me and Rise Up among others.



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