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I am ready for DNA- Pastor Bugembe


I am ready for DNA- Pastor Bugembe

Pastor Wilson Bugembe of Light the World Ministries in Nansana says that he is ready to go for DNA as a Nalweyiso Aidah claims that she has his boy of about two years .

Through a phone interview with pastor Wilson Bugembe ,he says that he doesn’t know the girl and he has never seen her any where and if she insists to go for a DNA ,he is also ready to do it but when results come out when the child is not his’, the woman has to pay all the repacations and defamatory statements for his name .

“Am ready for the DNA for the world to know the truth , I have never slept with that lady and I don’t know her ,but if the results come back and show that the child is not mine ,she has to pay one hundred million shillings or go to jail for defamatory statements .” Bugembe said

Pictures of Bugembe photoshoped with that of Aidah  and the said child  have been circulating on social media accompanied with the audio of  Nalweyiso claiming that ever since Bugembe imprignated her ,he has never given her help and the kid is now set to go to school .

Nalweyiso says she was a member of the Light the World Ministries and that’s where Bugembe saw her from and they started dating but when she got pregnant Nalweyiso was dumped by the pastor and no help has been given to her ever since and the child is now making two years .

According to the audio ,Nalweyiso says when she produced the baby, she named it Bugembe Everest but when she told Bugembe, he denied the child though he gives her five thousand shillings weekly which is not enough to sustain the two(mother and child).

She further says that she is ready for anything and ready to reward any one who could help her reach pastor Bugembe .



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