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Pastor Yiga; a successful businessman with a questionable moral record


Pastor Yiga; a successful businessman with a questionable moral record

Yiga Augustine

A dark cloud continues to hover over the followers of the recently deceased Pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival Church. Yiga died at the age of 44.

Since the news of his passing broke, hundreds of people who subscribed to his unique type of socially-entertaining ministering, have poured their hearts out to hail the achievements and legacy of the late pastor.

The messages of solidarity have come from ordinary people as well as from fellow pastors.

While many have been derisive, a number have been supportive and civil.

One such comment came from Pastor Wilson Bugembe of the Nansana-based Worship House Ministries. Bugembe said that whereas he didn’t agree with Yiga, it is in order to extend a hand of solidarity to his family, son and Junior pastor Andrew Jjengo as a sign of love.

”I may disagree or debate with some of your dad’s teachings but wish him life. Even if we speak in tongues of angels but without love we’re like an empty tin!,” Bugembe wrote on his social media pages describing his last discussion with Andrew before his dad’s death.

“I hope and pray he used his last minutes seek God’s mercy and repent. No one is perfect. God is merciful! Our prayers are with the church and family,” said Bugembe.

Speaking at the funeral of the late, former mistress and musician Maggie Kayima alias Nabbi Omukazi cherished the good memories and love she shared with Pastor Yiga for a period of eight years of their relationship.

“Initially we were friends, then we dated in 2009. Although our love relationship ended after 8 years, we had effectively connected and understood each other. It was all love for me and him,” she said.

Richard Tuwangye alias Amos of the Fun Factory comedy outfit, described the late Yiga as a smart businessman who understood the needs of his followers. Tuwangye says that having studied his audience, he created a TV station and used soft approaches to attract the audience.

“He made us laugh and cry at the same time. He was one of my weird reminders of one of my life mantras; ‘don’t wait for life to happen to you, happen to it’. Yiga is one of the most raw self-taught creatives of the past 15 years. May he rest well,” noted Tuwangye.

Musician Madinah Kansiime alias Hajat Madina of Bibuuza fame could not hold back tears as she eulogized Yiga as an extremely good person. She appealed to the public not to judge him.

“He was a very good person. All other accusations may arise but I only pray to the good Lord to forgive him his transgressions because all individuals are sinners,” noted Madinah.

For traditional healer and Herbalist, Sofia Namutebi alias Maama Fiina, Yiga was a very hard-working human being who didn’t want to depend on anyone at any moment.

“Pastor Yiga has been a self elevated hardworking successful man. It’s absurd that certain people and moreover his fellow pastors took it upon themselves to judge their colleague. Is that really the gospel they preach!,” noted Namutebi.

Nansana based sheik Umar Kamoga commonly known as a healer who uses Islamic preaching ‘duas’ described the late Yiga as a compassionate and good hearted person.

“He has been a kind person to many; he could struggle to counsel anyone irrespective of who they are. Yiga was open to people from all religious denominations, even though he appeared to favour Muslims a lot. That’s why most adverts on his programs featuring on his TV are of Muslims,” said Sheik Kamoga.

To the surprise of many Ugandans, a number of people, more so among the born-again fraternity, have poured scorn on his name by calling him a hard-hearted, mischievous person who hid behind religion to fleece off gullible souls that thronged his church.

Pastor Solomon Male describing Yiga said: “He leaves a trail of many lives he has broken in the process of enriching himself and gratifying his insatiable sex urge. It’s good he is dead, let him hurt more from his grave,” Male posted on his Facebook page.

Christian Life Church pastor Jackson Ssenyonga, likewise didn’t have any kind words for Yiga, whom he described as a false prophet who lived a sinful life of deception and manipulation.

Ssenyonga also accused the deceased of denigrating the name of born-again christians by engaging in sinful sexual affairs with his followers whom he allegedly deliberately infected with HIV/AIDS.

“It’s on record that Mr.Yiga had HIV. We have evidence from health facilities and the test was done under law,” revealed Ssenyonga.




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