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Presidential advisor attacks Pastor Senyonga over Yiga remarks 


Presidential advisor attacks Pastor Senyonga over Yiga remarks 

Full Figure and Museveni

Presidential advisor Jennifer Nakangubi aka Full Figure has condemned Top TV owner and Jackson Senyonga over the unkind words he made against the late pastor Yiga Augustine.

Appearing on NBS Uncut show, full figure said that it was wrong for Senyonga to come out and say nasty words against the late because no one is perfect in God’s eyes.

“How can Pastor Senyonga say that the late Yiga infected girls with HIV? That is bad and the bible condemns such acts, don’t condemn anyone because you will also be judged by God in the same manner. These pastors are fake all they do is lobby for money from their followers,” she said.

Full figure requested the leader of traditional healers Maama Fiina to register all these pastors in her gathering.

“Mama Fina should register all these pastors in her shrine so that we can come straight to them knowing that they own shrines. I am shocked that a pastor like Senyonga can wake up, call for a press conference and judge a fellow dead pastor,”  said Nakangubi.

“Yiga once said that church is a business and all Pastors rebuked him but what is the difference between what he said and what you pastors are doing, you only request for money on TV,” Full Figure added.

In a press conference that Senyonga organised at his Christian Life Church on Tuesday shortly after the official announcement of Yiga’s death, he said that the late died a sinner and claimed that he was not saved.

“When you look at Pastor Yiga’s life just as we know, it should be an example to a parents that they should leave a good legacy behind for their children to follow,” he said.

Senyonga added that his church would assist all the widows and children that the late left help behind.

“It is alleged that Yiga has left a lot of orphans and widows and according to the reports we get, it is alleged that he infected some with the HIV virus after forcefully sleeping with them. We sympathise with them and I apologize on behalf of the church, as christian life church we will assist any child and widow of the late after conducting a DNA to prove whether Yiga was actually their biological father,” he added.

Full Figure also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Senyonga was quick to offer help to the late Yiga’s abandoned widows.




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