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UGX 82,125,000 needed to save baby Elijah from Truncus Arteriosus type 1 disease


UGX 82,125,000 needed to save baby Elijah from Truncus Arteriosus type 1 disease

Elijah Mutebi was born on March 13, 2019. He is now 7 weeks.

The father is Steven Kiwomutemero Kyaka, a journalst, and the mother is Diana Lydia Nalugya, a housewife. They are residents of Buloba, Bwotansimbi LC 1 in Wakiso District.

During pregnancy Diana suffered a number of illnesses.
On March 12, 2019, she got some pregnancy disorder and was rushed to hospital. Elijah was then born prematurely.

The baby was too weak and had to spend five days in the nursery. A week after he was discharged, the parents realised that their baby was breathing rapidly. They went back to Mengo for review and the doctor told them that the condition was normal in children.

One day after their visit, the baby showed pneumonia, flu and cough. They went to Bethesda Clinic in Wandegeya and the doctors there referred them to any hospital with a paediatrician.

They returned to Mengo. The baby has been on oxygen for a month now.

X-ray reports showed an abnormal heart. On April 9, 2019, the baby was diagnosed with a condition called Truncus Arteriosus type 1 at the Uganda Heart Institute in Mulago. The condition is not treated in Uganda.
Narayana Hospital in India has sent them a quotation of $ 21,900 (UGX 82,125,000) inclusive of all charges in and outside hospital for their stay in India.

“We are there requesting for any assistance in form of advice, financial support and prayers so that Baby Mutebi Elijah’s soul is saved,” Kyaka says.

For any support or questions please contact:

Steven Kyaka



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