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Nudes! Is he worth it? If he cannot trust you with his, why trust him with yours!

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Nudes! Is he worth it? If he cannot trust you with his, why trust him with yours!

Four months back, before the “I stand with Martha Kay” campaign, I had an interesting conversation with one of my male friends. He narrated to me how a girl he connected with through a WhatsApp group shared her nudes with him without his request. “It turned me off and I shared her pictures with my other male friends with her contact for whoever was interested to make a move,” he said.

When I asked why he had acted that way he said the girl was cheap and he only imagined how many guys she had shared her nudes with.

A week ago I held  a conversation with another male friend.  I asked him whether he saw it right for a girl to share her nude pictures with him.

“Of course I would want my babe to share with me her nudes. It turns me on,” he said

I asked the same young man if he would ever share pictures of his private parts with his girlfriend. Seemingly bothered by the question he answered:

“Why should I share my pictures with anyone? Look here Bayan, you can never tell how people truly react when they get angry. I cannot trust anyone with my nudes. With or without my face I cannot let anyone share pictures of me naked.”

His response left me bothered. He sees no problem in having his girlfriend share her nudes but he does not see it wise reciprocating the act.

I have read a number of comments on social media siding with Shawula, Martha, Cindy, Desire, Judith and the likes saying their pictures were taken out of love for their partners. Doesn’t love have a limit?

You are proudly saying we are past that but deep inside your conscience  is reminding you of all the dirt you did to keep him and he left. As the world was standing with Martha, another sister “in love” was sharing her nudes.

We are living in an era where people take serious issues lightly.

I remember Honey Suleman commending Jack Pemba for making her famous after their sex video leaked. The popularity she received that time made her believe she would stand the taste of time just like Kim Kardashian.

This is Africa woman! He asks for the nudes, you proudly pose or dance, take shots and share with lots of love. After the two of you are done, Mr. EX will shamelessly share you with his friends who will share with their friends, your friends and my friends. That is how you will become popular.

Apart from Honey Suleman, I believe other women whose nudes have circulated have broken down at some point in life. Imagine moving in a crowd with your body smartly covered when almost the whole world knows how you look beneath that cloth.

Many people are quite insane. He or she will find you and will try to molest you in the name of confirming whether what he has on his phone matches with what is standing in front of him. People will save you but how many times will you be saved?

Your parents believe they did their best to raise the woman in you. They are not to blame for your actions but the world does not care. A prominent religious leader almost lost his title after his daughter’s nudes were allegedly leaked by her boyfriend.

Love is true when you jealously love yourself more than anything or anyone. This brings pride that elevates your status. It is the principles you set that will protect you not the love you have.

People change; people hurt and in the end, the memories and shame gang up on you and it is something you have to deal with forever.

A man’s private parts are not as revealing as a lady’s so if he can not trust you with his, why trust him with yours!





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