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Building Bridges: Zimbabwe’s Menk shoots a tough message to religious masqueraders


Building Bridges: Zimbabwe’s Menk shoots a tough message to religious masqueraders

Condemnation of senseless killings and spread of hate speech in the name of Islam topped the Agenda, as Mufti Menk was giving a public lecture to a crowd of Ugandans who gathered at Namboole stadium on sunday.

Speaking with his face filled with anger and sorrow, Menk blamed a section of different individuals for purportedly claiming people’s lives while hiding behind Islam as a religion.

He added that “I always challenge those who claim that religion is designed to be hateful  I want to challenge them that do you really think that the almighty created us on earth  in order to promote hate, abusive language, destruction, fight and to be at war all the time from the beginning to the end of our lives? Is that what the almighty want us to do? You are foolish if that is what you think” he said

Menk’s message was directly shooting at the terrorists who hide in the curtain of Islam and claim lives of innocent people.

His message comes at a time when some groups like  Boko haram, Islamic State and others are terrorizing the world in the name of Islam which he described as a beautiful peaceful religion.

He urged the public to pay a deaf ear to the hateful messages of these minority individuals whom according to him have their own agenda.

“Don’t let the small number of people who are spreading messages that we can never be united. Don’t let these messages make you go astray; never let them bother you because without unity we shall never live in peace as mankind” he added

He added “the Prophet (PBUH) expressed his love to his uncle though his (uncle) was not a Muslim, it is not wrong to love people of other religions because even the Quran refers to them as “People of the Book’  and we are even commanded to marry them. Can you marry someone that you hate? We are all brothers and sisters, and we should respect each other.

Menk emphasized that Propagation of Dawah is a duty for all Muslims. Those who are not Muslims also have an equal right to come out and propagate whatever they are convinced with but he advised that this must be done respectfully withiut bad mouthing each other.

“If the Islam aimed at killing non-Muslims then there would be no new converts as it is the case today. In case of disagreements, you need to do it respectfully with utmost respect”




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