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Case for Kampala street children refuses to go away


Case for Kampala street children refuses to go away

It is interesting that the NRM regime has failed to find a solution to Uganda’s street children. Its latest gambit is to send the Army and Police to evict the children. Of course this shows that the Government has run out of ideas to sort out what would appear to be a simple social problem.

There is a whole ministry of Children; and yet the Government militarizes the issue. It shows that there may be another reason they have sent the military to the streets, other than merely getting the children off the streets.

Yet, there is one person who has managed to get the children off the streets without butts and bullets. I am referring to the Rev. Kefa Sempangi, who through his foundation managed to domesticate these children and has made a good number of them into very useful citizens.

Instead of sending soldiers to bully defenseless children, why does the Government not invite Sempangi to sort out the issue! I am sure with less money than what is given to the soldiers as operation money, which in most cases will disappear into the pockets of some senior officers, anyway, why not give that money to Sempangi to sort out these children?


Yasser Ddumba




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