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Uganda’s originality displayed through music


Uganda’s originality displayed through music

Back to Our Roots, a musial show happened at the National Theatre on August 28, 2019 and if you missed it – too bad! A sorry for you!

The show started at 7:45pm with a performance from Andereya Baguma. His story telling vibes heat up the auditorium on a rainy day leaving everyone with a better feeling.

After his performance,  Aloysius, Brian, JJ Bugoma, Lawrence and Ronnie graced the stage clad in kanzus and bark cloth. This brought a Ugandan feeling and for a moment you could feel it was time for orginality. The crowd was very much set to get back to “our roots”.

As it was time for originality, Aloysious Migadde, one of the performers, officially launched his album “Eka Ewaffe” and performed some of his songs as well.

As if that was not enough, Bugoma moved the stage when he showed up dressed in leopard skin. The boys played sound from all regions in the country and I believe everyone was represented.

Some of the songs performed by the group include “Naaka Sooka Ojje”, and “It is Alright”.   Ronnie Bukenya came forward to perform his “Coming Home”, backed up by the group. It was an emotional experienced as he revealed that he composed it for his father whom he lost time back.

Sound for the event was produced and managed by Jude Mugerwa. The key instruments used were the bass guitar, keyboard and percussion drums.

It was “Proudly Ugandan” a song written by Annita Asaasira that was played last. The song performance was dedicated to her and it was in praise of her love for Ugandan content.



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