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MP calls for Hard to Reach allowances for Sironko teachers


MP calls for Hard to Reach allowances for Sironko teachers

MP Namboozo at the event

She noted that teachers in Hard to Reach areas of Sironko don’t have enough transport facilitation and yet they are not provided with housing in the areas.he Sironko District Woman MP, Florence Nambozo has called upon the government to introduce Hard to Reach Allowances for some schools in rural areas of Sironko district as a way to motivate teachers to stay in those schools.

Nambozo made these remarks while addressing teachers in Sironko district as they celebrated World Teacher’s Day at Mutufu primary school.

“It is so well known that teaching is a noble profession and has been highly respected across generations. It is and has always been a very prestigious and respectful profession, that in Uganda if you are known as ‘Musomesa’ you are held in high esteem,” She said

The celebrations were held under the theme: ‘The future of the profession’

She added: “Imagine life without teachers! Teachers are the guiding light in every pupil/student’s life. They nurture the young citizens of a nation, sow seeds of curiosity and motivation for hard work and to stay in the course and to strive for goals that cannot be bought.”

According to Nambozo, some of the most affected and hard to reach areas that should be considered in Sironko are; the Sub-counties of Zesui, Masaba, Bugitimwa, Elgon, Bukyabo, Butadinga, Buwalasi, Dahami and Bubbeza.

By Ashraf Ashaba



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