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Besigye ready for worse than water canon


Besigye ready for worse than water canon

Dr. Besigye almost fell off tge top of his landcruiser last week when police fired water canon at him when he was a dress a rally

Former Forum for Democratic party President Dr. Kizza Besigye has said he could have died last week has it not been for the mercy of God.

“What happened to me, police violently attacked me. Yes they could have killed me and yes I know every day that I get out of my house that I have a risk of being killed, said Besigye.

“We have chosen to fight non-violently but we are fighting very violent people. We are fighting vey armed people and we know it, we are trying to demonstrate to them that people without arms are stronger and superior to those with guns and this is the struggle,” he said.

But Besigye said that in order to take power away from Museveni, Ugandans must be ready for much worse than perhaps what happened to him when police fired canon water at him.

“What brought Museveni to power were bombs and half a million people were killed. It was a canon of explosives, it was canons of Bombs, it was much more violent, it was much worse,”he said.

Besigye made the comments while appearing at one of the television talk shows on Thursday, following the incidents last week the anti-riot police vehicle used high pressure water that swept hi off the top of his open-door car.

In what appeared to be his launch of his 5th bid for president ahead of 2021 elections, Besigye said the opposition must be ready to face everything including the risk of being killed in order to take power from the current NRM government led by President Museveni.

He reminded the public that he is just a temporary actor in this struggle of liberating the Uganda but that the most important thing is for the people to choose how the struggle can be accomplished.

He called upon different opposition political leaders to join the struggle so that Ugandans can finally regain their rights and participate in decision making.

He however caution the freedom fighters that in order to subdue those with guns, the path that will be taken will be a little bit rough for them.



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