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Opondo scoffs at plot to take Museveni to ICC


Opondo scoffs at plot to take Museveni to ICC

Government Spokesman Ofwono Pondo

The government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has scoffed at  opposition on their move of taking president Museveni to international criminal court (ICC) saying that they are free to go a head with their petition because president Museveni is free from all those allegations.

He advised opposition members to  first go through the courts of Uganda before rushing to ICC.
His commence came shortly after the Opposition under the so called People’s Government have threatened to take President Museveni and others to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, for what they call gross violations of human rights, and committing crimes against humanity .
“The president of Uganda has not  done any crime however we want democracy. there are people who are feeling angry whether rightly or wrongly, there are free to go to  court, whichever court they want,”he said.
Adreesing the media in Kampala over the weekend, Opondo  also   urged opposition to stop doing political propaganda because there procedures that should be followed before heading to the international courts.
“But at this particular case we think they are doing political propaganda really because what are those crimes that the president and the officials in  government have committed that they have brought in the court of Uganda and the courts have either refuse or unwilling or unable to handle,”he said.
He said such kind of allegations labelled against president Museveni   are being used by the opposition as a scare crow especially to the security operatives.
“This is  why I say there are doing political propaganda in the hope  that, this can give them mileage in the eyes of the public ,you can see the cases they are citing ,so what they are  doing is  really to scare law enforcement  officers that they should not take firm stand against criminal elements  in the political position,”he said.
He said the opposition think by threatening to sue the president Museveni  will stop the security officers from moving against them.
“They want to use ICC as a scare crow and I don’t think we should use courts as a scare crow  we should go to courts with clear pairs of hands,”he said.



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