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DP won’t participate in the forth coming elections without electoral reforms


DP won’t participate in the forth coming elections without electoral reforms

Democratic Party President Nolbert Mao

Dp block has threatened to boycott the forth coming general election if electoral reforms are not brought for debate with immediate effect saying that  the current situation cannot favour  free and fair elections.

Member in opposition and civil society organisations drafted a recommendation to have a electrol reforms however this has not seen the light prompting opposition  to react.
Addressing the media in Kampala at the party headquarters on Tuesday, Mike Mabikke a member of Dp block said opposition cannot participate in an election whose results are already determined.
He said this is the right time to finalise  all the  issues regarding electoral reforms as the country prepare for the coming elections  in 2021.
“we are going to express this concern to electoral commission. we have also talked to the legal team to consider an injunction to the forth coming registration exercise until matters are resolved,” he said.
He further castigated the electoral commission over the voters’ registeration updates saying that the exercise is more likely  to be infiltrated by foreigners.
He also  accused the electoral commission of illegal  training  of some members of NRM  who will be conducting elections come 2021.
Mabikke cautioned the government and electoral commission that the act of training some NRM members  to conduct electoral process is totally unacceptable.
“There hasn’t been any public call for the applications of registration process and we have been told . we received reports that NRM carders have been recruited in large numbers and are now being trained to conduct the forth coming process,” he said.
He revealed  that some foreigners are also being prepared to come into the country to participate in the registration process.
 “As if that is not enough we have received reports that one million Congolese, one million Sudanese, one million Somalis are being prepared to come into the country and have themselves registered,”he said.
According to the section 19 of the electoral commission act 1997 for one to engage into voter registration he or she should be 18 years by the close of electoral exercise conducted by electoral commission.



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