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FDC takes IPOD chair


FDC takes IPOD chair

DP’s Mao handing over power to FDC’s Amuriat

After nearly two months or bickering between the two leading opposition parties, the Democratic Par7has today handed over the leadership of the Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue.

Contrary to tradition, the ruling National Resistance Movement was conspicuously absent during the handover ceremony that took place at Fairway Hotel in Kampala.

FDC president Patrick Amuriat received the tools of power from his counterpart Norbert Mao.

The chairperson of the elder’s Forum, retired Justice James Ogoola congratulated both parties upon the peaceful handover of authority.

“I want to congratulate you for this peaceful handover of authority from green to what I used to call it blue, but now Hon. Musumba tells me that it is sky blue. The nation has applauded this series of IPOD dialogue and summit at a time like this, we need national harmony not national discord,” said Ogoola.

The wrangles especially between DP and FDC over the leadership of IPOD have cast doubt over the possibility of forging unity with the wider opposition to take power from NRMs 35year stranglehold during the coming 2021 general elections.



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