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Youth Rallied on Peace Leadership by HWPL


Youth Rallied on Peace Leadership by HWPL

Participants pose for a group photo after the Workshop                                                                 A youth Leadership Workshop meant to implement and create peace in the world was hosted in Uganda aiming at young people in Uganda to have mature global citizenship and form future-oriented values to cultivate outstanding talents who participate in peace activities.

Aliro David talking to the participants.            Hosted by Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) an international peace NGO, over 50 students from Makerere University and other universities attended the event which is being held around the world as part of the Legislative peace project an initiative of the Global peace program a subsidiary of Heavenly Cultural World Peace Restoration of Light legislative peace (HWPL-LP) international joining ‘the Peace Letter Campaign and the ‘discussion on spreading awareness for peace’.

Participants during a group discussion

The workshop hosted at SS hotel Wandegeya in Kampala had a series of events for peace building with the advocacy of civil society that are being held in 120 countries, called the “Legislate Peace (LP)” project to establish an international law for peace

Youths reciting a peace letter to the speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga

According to Ssekito Lawrence a youth facilitator from the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) said the law for peace was drafted by the HWPL and international law experts where the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) was initiated to address conflict prevention and resolution and citizen participation, which is being promoted to receive support from international organizations and national governments.

“The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) was introduced as a platform for advocacy of Peace building through international cooperation where it stipulates inter governmental friendly relations, conflict prevention and resolution where over 1.5 million people from 195 countries have participated in supporting the DPCW to be introduced in the UN as a resolution”. Said Ssekitoleko

Through the HWPL founder president Lee Man Hee, The DPCW clarifies the role of members of the international society to prevent and resolve conflicts and its in the process of being introduced to the UN as a draft resolution, a process, HWPL and its affiliated youth organization, International Peace Youth Group IPYG, are promoting worldwide through the “Legislate Peace” (LP) project.

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL in his message, he urged educators to be good teachers as well as good parents by the reason that they grow the mind their students in saying.

“This time of world is crying out for peace since it is surrounded by wars. The world is developing weapons of destruction rather than developing a culture of peace.” Added Chairman Lee Man Hee

“Children take after their parents and follow the environment. What should the teachers bear fruits from the students? Children should learn peace from their homes and schools then our next generation will be naturally born as peace messengers in the environment of peace.” Said Man Hee Lee

Nankabirwa Carol one of the participants from Kyambogo said she was enlightened by the peace workshop as she learnt the importance of peace in a country and dangers of a chaotic country and world

Caroline a student from Makerere added that he is ready to spread peace to the world with colleagues at the university and the communities as peace is the back bone of development and asked president Museveni to sign on the DPCW as the peace maker in the Eastern and Central Africa.

Aliro David a lecturer from Uganda Christian University advised the participants to use the knowledge received from the workshop to change the world and advised president Museveni to ascent his signature on the DPCW law.



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