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FDC gets new Presidential Contender for 2021


FDC gets new Presidential Contender for 2021

Byamugisha while addressing theb press

Moses Byamugisha, a Forum for Democratic die-hard, has said that he will use “nationwide consultations” to seek for popularity in order to fairly contest for the post of presidential flag bearer in the forth coming FDC polls.

Mugisha said he would start his consultations next week, having already received approval from the Electoral Commission (EC).

“Since I am not a high profile figure, the State will not put its attention on me and therefore I will use this chance to spread our message of change across the country which our bosses have failed to do due to government intervention,” Byamugisha told journalists at Speke Hotel in Kampala.

He added: “Most of the people there are popular and have money so for a young man like me to contest with them, I have to establish myself and this is one of the strategies.”

He said he would also use the consultations to spread the party’s ideologies and goals.

“Our leaders including the party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the former president Kizza Besigye and other members have been denied access to the masses. For example they are always kicked out of the radio stations and public gatherings. I know FDC will not welcome this idea but in the long run they will understand my major goal”



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