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Update on release of Besigye’s ex-aide from DRC prison


Update on release of Besigye’s ex-aide from DRC prison


Sam Mugumya is free after 8 years in Prison

Sam Mugumya, a former aide to FDC leader Dr. Kizza Besigye has finally been released from Ndolo military prison in the Democratic Republic of Congo where he spent 8 years.

The news has caused excitement and praises from the Almighty for the release of the prominent FDC activist.

Now according to Dr. Besigye, Uganda’s Embassy in the DRC is working to ensure Mugumya obtains travel documents tlas well as work on his safe travel home.

Besigye said on Twitter that: “Thanks be to the Lord that Comrade Sam Mugumya is out of Ndolo Military prison, having spent there 8 years! Arrangements are being made with the Uganda Embassy in Kinshasa to secure travel documents and return home. Four others are still incarcerated there.
Struggle continues.”

There are reports of a huge bash being organised to givw Mugumya a hero’s welcome in his home district of Rukungiri when he finally lands in the country.

Mugumya’s incarceration has been a source of great anxiety and not only for his family but also for many human rights activists because his crimes were never pronounced in a civilian court.

FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat has appealed to the government to ensure that Mugumya is allowed to enjoy his freedom.

“It’s my hope that the @KagutaMuseveni junta respects his enjoyment of rights as a free citizen when he chooses to return to his motherland.”

Amuriat hailed his colleagues in the party for their constant contact and efforts to secure their colleague’s freedom that they rendered.

And according to author
Kakwenza Rukirabashaija, FDC has been taking full care of Mugumya’s family, as well as that of four of his co-prisoners in DRC for the 8 years they spent in prison.

Meanwhile, according to Amuriat, the release of Mugumya has rubbed Ugandan security officials the wring way.

Amuriat cited a tweet we’re yet to verify allegedly suggesting that Gen.. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the Presidential Advisor on Special operations, saying that DRC officials ignored Uganda’s security interests by releasing Mugumya.



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