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Bugiri sheikh’s murder shakes Muslims once again


Bugiri sheikh’s murder shakes Muslims once again

Sheikh Mutumba Imam of Lwemba Mosque, Bugiri District.

Fear and anxiety has returned to shake the peace among the muslim community across Uganda that the dreaded murders of their sheikhs is back.

This follows the cold blooded murder of Sheikh Mutumba Masudi (60years according to Police,) who was shot dead on Friday at his home in Busimba village, Lwemba Sub County Bugiri district by unknown gunmen  at around 9pm.
Police say they have arrested four people to help with investigations.
“The hunt for the prime suspect by our joint security team is underway.  We will continue to work around the clock to investigate the motive of this shooting and bring all those involved to book,” police said in a statement.
 Sheikh Mutumba was the Imam of Lwemba Mosque, Lwemba Sub county in  Bugiri District.
Police says it obtained an exhibit (cartridge) of an AK 47 riffle was recovered and has been submitted to forensic experts  to establish which gun was used in committing the crime.
 Sheikh Mutumba’s killing has resurrected deep fears that the elusive gunman has returned to his murderous ways of targeting Muslim sheikhs after a break of about  2 years.
Sheikh Hassan Kiirya who was gunned down in one evening in 2015, was until now the last sheikh to be killed by gunmen.
His murder followed a period of distress across the Muslim community as over 12 Sheikhs were killed in a space of 6 years.



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