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Minister Anywar vows to implement the ban against ‘Kaveera’


Minister Anywar vows to implement the ban against ‘Kaveera’

State Minister for Environment Beatrice Atim Anywar during a press conference at National Water offices in Luzira.

The new State Minister for Environment Beatrice Atim Anywar has vowed to implement the ban against the use of Kaveera in Uganda.

“My first activity within these 100 days in office will be to implement the ban on the use kaveera,”

The Minister started her mission by issuing immediate ban on the use of the nuisance not that,  “We must conserve the environment; let’s not turn Uganda into a dumping site.”

The directive targets polythene bags “Kaveera, plastic water bottles and other packaging materials that may cause harm to the environment.

During a press conference, Anywar advised the manufacturers of the banned polythene material to find alternatives like biodegradable materials before it is too late.

“We are not going to trade our lives, our future and next generation because of money. My call is that we all shun the use of kaveera, the business of carrying meat in polythene must stop. Women should start to carry baskets to supermarkets and stop packing eats for school children in polythene. You use containers and banana fibers.”

Anywar adds that, “The only thing that distracted National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) was conflict of interest which is now checked, they claim that these companies are providing jobs to Ugandans. One time I tried to go to these industries but on the production line I only found three people and the circumstance at work are risky.”

WWF Country Director David Duli also emphasized that the ban is timely and vowed to support the implementation in both urban and rural areas to ensure a plastic free environment.

The banned Kaveera is that which has 30 microns and below. It is commonly used for packing groceries like bread, sugar, milk, and fast moving things.

Anywar has asked all cultural, religious leaders to join her in the fight especially during this period of lent.

“Dumping Kaveera should be one of the things Christians should fast during this lent period; this will help conserve the environment.”

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing issues globally.

In 2017, Parliament passed the National Environment Bill banning polythene bags below 30 microns following a recommendation from the Committee on Natural Resources.



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