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85 suspects arrested in Aswa region-Gulu for defying presidential directives


85 suspects arrested in Aswa region-Gulu for defying presidential directives

The Spokesman Aswa Region, Jimmy Okema Patrick Police

Since the Presidential directives on the ban of public gatherings to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the country, Police are holding 85 suspects in Aswa region, Gulu.

The Spokesperson for Aswa Region Jimmy Okema Patrick said, police have arrested these suspects while mounting an operation which started last Friday.

“We like to update the country that in Aswa region we have successfully forced these directives though with some few registers from the public and because of that we have in custody, 88 suspects for have been disobedient and at the same time of obstructed police on official duty,” Okema said.

According to Okema all these suspects are in various facilities within the regions in the 8 districts of Gulu, Omoro, Kitgum, Lamwo, Pader, Agago, Nwoya, Amuru in Acholi and their files are being prepared and will be submitted to the states attorney for advise though others are being given police bond still it’s there mandatory rights for one to get police bond, according to Okema.

“Gulu as of now the total number of people arrested since Friday evening stands at 63 in defiance of presidential directives ,26 are under police bond as others will also go on police bond as files are being processed to be sent to Resident State Attorney,” Okema revealed.

He also revealed that “In Agago we have 10 suspects, Pader also 10 suspects , Nwoya 5 suspects and in Amuru district one Wilfred Opira a Bar manager of Best Bet Otwer Amuru town council was arrested yesterday in an operation where he refused to close his centre”

We appeal to the general public that this enforcement is not only for the police but for the best of the entire community as well as the country.

“If this virus spreads all over it will not select whether it is police or who are over working it will take all of us so it is important that we take this matter seriously as something that is of great health to all of us.”

By Wilfred Okot



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