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Over 4000 Health Workers Contract COVID-19 in Italy


Over 4000 Health Workers Contract COVID-19 in Italy

The Coronavirus as seen from a microscope

Italy is among the worst hit countries by the COVID-19 mostly in the medical sector with a national level of 4,268 health workers infected or have contracted the virus as of March 20.

In Lombardy’s northeastern city of Bergamo, 134 family doctors out of 600 – or 22% – had fallen sick or were quarantined, Guido Marinoni, the head of the local association of general practitioners, said. While three doctors have died.

Reuters reported, in Lombardy city nursing homes, the situation is even worse, with 1,464 health workers infected out of 5,805, which is among the highest in the world.

The world has so far Confirmed 742,138 cases with 35,089 deaths and 161,655 recoveries as of 30th March 2020.
The United States has recorded the highest cases with a record of 143,722 and deaths at 2,592 with 4,050 recoveries
Italy has recorded 97,840 cases, 10,789 deaths and recoveries at 13,055 while china has 81,470 vases with deaths 3,304 recoveries 75,700.

Spain has recorded cases at 80,110, 6,803 deaths and 14,709 recoveries while Germany has 63,221 cases with 546 deaths and recoveries at 16,407.

France has recorded 40,174 cases with 2,606 deaths and 7,132 have recovered with Iran at 38,309 cases and 2,640 deaths with 12,391 recoveries.

United Kingdom has recorded 19,522 cases with 1,228 deaths and 135 recoveries while Switzerland has recorded 14,829 cases and 300 deaths with 1,595 recoveries.

The Netherlands is at 10,866 cases and 771 deaths with 2 recoveries as Belgium is having 10,836 cases and 431 deaths with 1,359 recoveries.

South Korea is at 9,661 cases and deaths at 158, with 5228 recoveries with Turkey recording 9,217 cases and 131 deaths while recoveries are at 42.

Austria cases are at 8,867, deaths at 86 and recoveries at 479 as Canada is at 6,320 cases, deaths at 65 with 508 recoveries.

Portugal cases are at 5,962, deaths at 119 and 43 recoveries yet Israel has recorded 4,347 cases with deaths at 15 and 132 recoveries while Norway cases are 4,305, 26 Deaths and 0 recoveries.

Note. These statistics are subject to change.
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