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Ban on sale of non-food items excludes supermarkets, malls, says Minister


Ban on sale of non-food items excludes supermarkets, malls, says Minister

The minister for Kampala, Betty Amongi has assured the public that the recently issued presidential directive against the operation of non-food shops, noting that the directive does not apply to supermarkets, malls and arcades in Kampala. Amongi however, warned that these places will however face their own limitations including respecting a four meter distance among vendors.

“The directive to only sell food does not affect supermarkets, malls and arcades.They are however supposed to ensure they abide by the standard operating procedures,” said Amongi.

While addressing journalists at the Uganda Media Center in Kampala, Amongi however cautioned Ugandans not to hold public materials using bear hands as one of the COVID-19 preventive measures.

“If you are going shopping and you cannot afford gloves,go with tissue to hold the troy.We,however,encourage everyone to use gloves while shopping,” she said.

Among also credited telecom companies for slinging transaction charges citing that this will limit use of paper money which makes chances of spreading the virus low.

“when you go shopping,pay using mobile money.When it comes to paper money,the virus takes up to five days to die,” She said.

Meanwhile,Andrew Kitaka,the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) acting Director has said KCCA has already started implementing presidential directives in regards to fighting COVID-19

“We have dedicated 90 percent of our core services to fighting COVID-19.We have committed ambulances,installed hand washing facilities at many public spaces.We continue to encourage building owners to do the same,” said Kitaka.



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