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The positive side about Uganda’s rising COVID-19 cases


The positive side about Uganda’s rising COVID-19 cases

President Museveni has demonstrated leadership in the fight against the Coronavirus spread. Here, he is seen wearing the face mask as a protective gear

As the number of cases of COVID-19in Uganda continue to rise, anxiety is growing that the disease is getting closer to our door steps and before we know it, it could be in our households.

But fret not, the new cases are evidence of the fact that testing is happening, as seen from the numbers provided by the government.

In recent days, the Ministry of Health has been carrying out hundreds of tests, from which only a few are found positive.

Also, the rise in cases is a result of the high level of vigilance arising from the mass sensitization that has transpired across the country, and the rapid response that is coordinated by the Coronavirus Joint Task Force that includes the UPDF, Uganda Police, Uganda Prisons and the Ministry of Health.

For example following reports that majority of those who have tested positive to the disease are returnees from Dubai, Members of the public are actively reporting whoever they know has been to Dubai.

The moral of this is that, as long as Ugandans continue to respect the government’s Stay-at-Home directive and other guidelines including reducing crowding and regular hand-washing with soap, there is no need for panic.

These measures will enable us as a country to BREAK The CHAIN OF SPREAD of the virus by removing those who are infected from the public through vigorous Testing, Tracing and Treating and help us to return to normal.

Reassuring comment by seasoned journalist Michael Wakabi

As President Museveni has clearly stated, he’s not only onto this battle, but he’s also optimistic about winning the battle.

President Museveni has reassured the public about winning the war against Coronavirus



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