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Magufuli deepens TZ’s COVID-19 saga with claims of fake lab results


Magufuli deepens TZ’s COVID-19 saga with claims of fake lab results

Tanzanian President Magufuli Pombe

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has deepened the saga surrounding Tanzania’s COVID-19 outbreak by suggesting that his country’s lab in producing fake results.

Magufuli said that he had always suspected the country’s National Referral Laboratory was using faulty Covid19 test kits that give positive results to everyone and everything.

In a Video that is spreading on social media platforms, Magufuli says:

“I have always raised my suspicions about how our national lab has been conducting the COVID19 tests. They have been giving a lot of positive results. I set up a task force to look into the matter as I believe there could be sabotage going on there.

“So we collected samples from goats sheep, pawpaw and apple fruits, engine oil, rabbits and other things. We gave them names age and gender. Tests were done on these samples. The researchers were not aware where they were from.

“Some fruits and animal samples tested positive. Pawpaws tested positive. Everything: positive! Tanzania’s virus lab lacks credibility and is possibly being used to wage war against my administration,” said Magufuli.



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