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Vulnerable women in Gulu appeal for food aid


Vulnerable women in Gulu appeal for food aid

Gulu chairman Martin-Ojara Mapenduzi says the Balaalo must leave Acholi land


Gulu District chairman Ojara Martin Mapenduzi has added challenges

A section of women who work as hairdressers across Gulu municipality yesterday stormed Gulu district offices demanding for food relief.

Some of the women told the The Sunrise newspaper that they have started to feed their Children on boiled salt water and bread.

Paska Akongo 37, a single mother of five says she used to operate her salon from Pabbo quarters, Layibi division Gulu municipality, but now struggles to feed her children since the government announced the lock-down.

“For three days now, I have been boiling Salt water and bread for my children to eat. We do not have anything to eat in the house,’’ Akongo said.

She adds that the group wants the district task force to help the vulnerable women by giving them some food relief because they have nothing to cook at home.

There is information showing that the district taskforce is compiling some names of vulnerable people including those working in salons, boda-boda cyclists so that they are given food relief.

Gloria Aloyo, the Gulu district Communication Officer says that the district Task Office headed by the RDC is working on a way to assist the most vulnerable women and other categories of people soon.



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