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Mwenda joins NUP, triggers emotional backlash


Mwenda joins NUP, triggers emotional backlash

Andrew Mwenda with the trademark People Power Red Barrett and NUP membership card

One of President Yoweri Museveni’s biggest supporters Andrew Mwenda has today joined the National Unity Platform, a group he has consistently branded as a group of anarchists.

The move has however attracted furry while others expressed suspicion that Mwenda’s real motive is to disorganize the party and derail the candidacy of Robert Kyagulanyi in the forthcoming presidential elections.

In a post on his facebook account, Mwenda argued that he wants to challenge Robert Kyagulanyi for the Presidency of NUP and thereby help his new party cement it’s democratic credentials by first being democratic internally.

“So I am calling for a debate between me and Bobi Wine on the future of NUP and the strategy to defeat Museveni!

“I call upon all party members to rally behind this call for internal democracy in NUP. As the noble Mugisha Muntu never tires of telling us, you cannot give what you do not have. NUP cannot give democracy to Uganda it cannot practice it internally!

Mwenda’s plan has however attracted mostly hostile as well as doubtful comments with many saying his real plan is to disorganize NUP since Kyagulanyi was only recently elected at a NUP delegates conference allegedly held in July, to lead the party and carry it’s flag in the 2021 elections.

It is however Mwenda’s record as someone who has relentlessly bashed and demonized People Power as a group of hooligans, that is causing the overflow of angry reactions.

Mwenda has carried out a number of daring enemy-infiltration missions including going to Rwanda, where he was chased afterwards.

And if the latest move is one of those missions, it goes to show the level of restlessness within NRM, brought by NUP.



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