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New details on Source of the Nile boat accident


New details on Source of the Nile boat accident

The late Super Shakira, and her daughter Amirror Alwi perished in the accident

New details have emerged of the tragic boat accident that happened at the Source of the Nile on Sunday evening.

Initial information by the Police had indicated that three members of the Alwi family perished in the accident. But we have since learned that the father one Hassan Alwi Senior was rescued by the UPDF rescue team.

The International University of East Africa, where Hassan Alwi, the supposed victim of the accident, works as a director, released a statement saying he survived along with his 9-year old son Jafalu.

Information from reliable sources indicates that the UPDF recovered the body of Alwi’s wife, Super Shakira but that of their daughter is yet to be recovered.

Senior the husband of Super Shalira, his wife who died, r, works ather rowned and A family of four people, and a guide who were on a tour of the source of the Nile in Jinja, drowned at the Kiira dam in a tragic boat accident on Sunday evening.

Police and UPDF launched a rescue mission that saved two

A statement released by Nalufenya Police and corroborated by Eskom Uganda ltd, the managers of the dam, indicates that an Indian couple and their two children had hired a boat for a tour of the source of the Nile.

Eskom’s graphic statement of the events

However, the boat developed an engine problem and was carried by the powerful river current towards Kiira dam.

Police says the survivors, Jaffer Alwi 9yrs, Okidi Patrick 39yrs, and Hassan Alwi Senior are undergoing treatment at Nile International hospital in Jinja City



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