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Tumukunde rallies youth to cause change


Tumukunde rallies youth to cause change

Gen. Tumukunde at the launch of his campaign at Kololo

Retiered Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde who is one of the presidential aspirants, has rallied Ugandans to join him in the fight against the National; Resistance Movement.

Tumukunde made the comments while receiving a group of youths from different ghettos around Kampala under their Umbrella Virgin Voters at his Kololo Offices in Kampala.

Tumukunde told the youth that he is confident that the 4.5 Million Virgin voters added to the undecided 5 million voters.

“I have faith in these 9.5 million voters, I believe they will cause change, I believe we as the people of Uganda we shall liberate this country,”

“When change has come, it will surely come, you can do everything but you can’t stop change whose time has arrived. Egypt had a large army which even fought Israel but this did not stop the revolution against Hosni Mubarak,” added Tumukunde.

Tumukunde added: “Some of you should never worry about the forces of change. I see change is coming. A leader is to come up by the pulse of the forces of change”.

He warned government on persecuting the opposition saying that the more the opposition is persecuted the more the fire burns and comes out of it.

Muyingo Lumala, the Chairperson of the Virgin Voters noted that their decision of joining Tumukunde was influenced by his characters, zeal and strategies.

Commenting on the printing of ballots, Tumukunde said the Electoral Commission should print Ballots.

The retired army man and former spy chief, hinted he does not have confidence in Ugandan printing companies since they have not shown capacity to handle this job.

The retired Army officers said he will be nominated on Monday November 2.



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