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Roadmap out for non-unionised workers reps


Roadmap out for non-unionised workers reps

Minister for the eldery and disabled Sarah Kanyike

The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development has produced the Program for conducting elections for non-unionised workers representatives.

The State Minister for the elderly and persons with disabilities Hajat Sarah Kanyike, said while officiating at the briefing dialogue for all registered Political Party representatives held in Kampala over the weekend.

Kanyike said the election of non-unionised members is provided for by Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 2015.

The meeting was attended by representatives from over 15 registered political parties.

Speaking at the opening of the National Dialogue, Kanyike gave details of the procedures for the registration of non-unionised workers and the convening of the Sub-county/Town Council/Municipality Division Conferences.

She urged all representatives of political parties to take note of the key provisions mentioned and urged them to brief party members accordingly.

“The registration of willing non-unionised workers will take place at designated venues in every Sub-county/Town Council/Municipality Division in Uganda from Wednesday 25 to Friday November 27,2020 starting at 8.00 am.” she said

The Sub-county/Town Council/Municipality Division Conferences will be held on Friday 4 the December 2020 for the Commission to conduct elections of non-unionised workers delegates. The conferences will start at 9.00 am.

“To be eligible to register as a non-unionised worker, one must be a citizen of Uganda aged 18 years and above; a registered voter with proof to that effect; employed and his/her employment is verifiable by an employment contract; holds an employment Identity Card; and not a member of a registered labour union;” Kanyike added

Kanyike further noted that an eligible voter also has to be introduced in writing by his/her LC I; possess a National Identification Number (NIN) as provided for in the voters identification slip to help support processes of verification of the workers.

“A person shall be eligible to attend the conference of non-unionized workers if he/she is: a registered voter with proof to that effect; and Registered by the MGLSD as a non-unionised worker,” she said



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