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Ugandan students graduate in Petroleum and Dental surgery in Sudan honoured


Ugandan students graduate in Petroleum and Dental surgery in Sudan honoured

Ambassador Kinobe awarding one of the students

More than a dozen Ugandan students have received a heroes celebration upon completion of their science degrees from the Arab Republic of The Sudan.

Uganda’s Ambassador to The Sudan James William Kinobe congratulated the graduants at a party held for them at the Ugandan Embassy in Khartoum Sudan.

Ambassador Kinobe congratulated the fresh graduates for their hard work, patience and dedication that enabled each of them to complete all the requirements for the award of their various degrees which enabled them to graduate on time.

Kinobe welcomed them to the world of work with a reminder that academics is not the only key to success but that they should have the right emotional and social skills to fit with the demands of the rapidly changing and dynamic world of work.

The graduates attained their degrees from two distinguished universities in The Sudan I.e The International University of Africa and Ahfad University for Women.

They were organized under their umbrella body, ‘Uganda Student Union in Sudan’ (USUS).

Ambassador Kinobe addressing guests at the function

The students graduated with degrees in fields of; Bachelor of Oral Medicine and Dental Surgery, Petroleum and Minerals, Engineering, Public Health, Education, Bachelor of Laws, Accounting, Political Science and Mass Communication.

The students courses were sponsored by the Dawat-e-Islami Uganda with representation from West Nile, Buganda, Busoga, Bugisu, Bunyoro and Ankole. Sub regions.

The students appreciated the support that was extended to them by Ambassador Kinobe and his Staff for the financial, social and emotional assistance they received from them which enabled them to thrive amidst all difficulties.

They noted that the conducive environment they have enjoyed in Sudan is the result of strong and good diplomatic relations the two countries share.

They singled out officials in the Consular Department headed by Robert Kamugisha, closely coordinated by Phoebe Sagala aka Mama Embassy and Innocent Opio, The Accounting Officer, The Embassy manages student affairs and programme.

In a statement by the Ugandan Embassy in Sudan, they note that during upheavals of the political crisis in Sudan and Covid-19 pandemic the support required was beyond the Mission’s budget.

During the party, Ambassador Kinobe was flanked by Dickson Ogwang, the Deputy Chief of Mission and Head of Chancery.

Among the students were;

Yazid Ahmed-Mass communication

Amanya Abdulkarim-Dental surgery

Nemeya Iman- Law

Nanyonjo khadija-Law

Bukenya Huzaifa-Education

Lubanga Burhan-Engineering

Kinyenye Zaidi-Petroleum and Minerals

Shakila Senyonga-Education

Rweyemamu Arafa- Accounting

Amjad Kalemba-Political science

Nannoz Hanifa-Nursing

Nabisa Asmah- pharmacy

Stella- Public health



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