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Buganda Youth leadership disowns alleged protest against Katikkiro


Buganda Youth leadership disowns alleged protest against Katikkiro

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga

The President of the Buganda Youth Council has disowned an alleged planned protest at Buganda seat at Bulange in Mengo.

Baker Ssejjengo, the Chairperson of the Buganda Youth Council said in a media statement dated April 18, and published in Luganda that the organization he leads is not behind the alleged protest.

The statement reads that: Tutwala omukisa guno okutegeeza Obuganda, Yuganda n’ensi yonna nti obukulembeze bw’abavubuka mu Buganda tebulina nteekateeka yonna ya kwekalakaasa, era ng’abo ababitambuza banakigwanyizi abalina ebigendererwa byabwe okuzingamya entambula y’emirimu mu Bwakabaka bwa Buganda n’okuweebuula Namulondo.

Briefly summerized, the statement says that; “We take this opportunity to inform Buganda, Uganda and the whole world that the youth leadership in Buganda has no plans whatsoever to participate in a protest, and those planning the same are doing so with the aim to destabilize the administration and undermine the leadership of Buganda kingdom.”

The statement by the Youth Council, comes in the wake of a storm surrounding the delay by Buganda Katikkiro (Prime Minister) Charles Peter Mayiga, to tell some Baganda who were concerned about the health of the Kabaka.

Following celebrations to mark his 66th birthday anniversary held at Lubiri in Mengo, videos emerged showing Kabaka as very sick. This triggered a social media storm with some people claiming the Kabaka had been poisoned.

But it was the perceived delay by some on social media that the Katikkiro took to explain the health of the Kabaka that angered many and has bred discontent against his leadership at Mengo.

It took the intervention of some Royals to clarify the health situation on the Kabaka, an indication to some that Katikkiro was taking the goodwill of the people for granted.

He eventually came out three days later to explain that Kabaka’s perceived ill health was a mere allergic reaction that often comes with wearing a mask.



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