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Celebrations as George Floyd killer policeman found guilty


Celebrations as George Floyd killer policeman found guilty

A crowd chants after jurors convict George Floyd killer Darek Chauvin on all three charges

Darek Chauvin, the American former police officer who knelt on the neck of George Floyd resulting into his death, has been found guilty on all three charges brought against him, international media outlets have reported.

According to the BBC, a 12-member team of jurors, unanimously ruled in favour of prosecution which had laid out a convincing case that Chauvin deliberately killed the 46-year old black man.

The Jurry’s decision has sparked celebrations in Minneapolis, the capital of the state of Minnesota where Floyd was killed.

President Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris also hailed the decision as a potential turning point to reform the force that has been stained by the widely publicised video that showed crude heartless acts of a police officer against a black man.

Biden sighed with relief saying; “At least now there is some justice”.

“We’re gonna get a lot more done. This is going to be a first shot at dealing with genuine systemic racism,” the president said.

The trial had attracted immense attention not just in the US but also globally thanks to coverage by international TV networks.

The incident also motivated the introduction of the George Floyd bill, a legislation by the current Biden administration that seeks to reform policing in the US after the deceased black man



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