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There’s life after Parliament, MPs counselled


There’s life after Parliament, MPs counselled

Speaker Kadaga (right) receiving an award from Dokolo Woman MP Cecilia Ogwal

As the 10th parliament looks to finalize its five year term, Members have been urged to prepare to return to living normal lives.

During a seminar organised by The Parliamentary Commission this week, MPs heard from outstanding counsellors that they need not fight the situation but instead embrace the changes as normal and continue to serve the country in different capacities.

Speaking at the workshop, Speaker of the 10th Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga said that the workshop was meant to celebrate achievements of the 10th Parliament and also prepare the outgoing MPs for life after their tenure in the House.

“Is it possible to have a life after Parliament? Yes, there. What are the characteristics of that life? We need to find ways of navigating this new life,” Kadaga said.

Kadaga who has been a kamuli district woman Member of Parliament since 1989 and currently seeking to be Speaker for the 11th parliament told outgoing MPs to keep their down to other characters instead of turning electorates into open enemies.

Former MP, Albert Charles Oduman said that outgoing legislators need to accept that their tenure is done and stop fighting the situation.

Former MP Oduman

“Good news is there is life after Parliament. You have to be decided and purposeful on what you will be out there. Don’t fight this situation. It has come, it is here and it is real. Recognize that you are no longer a member of parliament. Don’t accept sympathies or self-pity,” Oduman said.

Olive Birungi Lumonya, the Country Director of SOS Children’s village Uganda who also officiated the inaugural seminar advised out going MPs to maintain the honorable reputations they effectively worked for in the past years as well as keeping themselves available for electorates that trusted them for the past five years.

Olive Lumonya

“Who is going to help you brand yourself? You have to safeguard the title of honorable by the way you do things. Take time to read and be informed. You should be the person with knowledge. Be reliable,” she said.

All Members of the 10th Parliament will receive plaques and certificates for their distinguished service during their tenure as MPs of the 11th parliament will be sworn in on May 17.



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