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46 stolen motor vehicle licence plates recovered, two arrested


46 stolen motor vehicle licence plates recovered, two arrested

Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire

Police in Lubowa is holding two men in connection with the theft of at least four dozen stolen motor vehicle license plates.

The racket was busted by Lubowa police after concerned citizens raised an alarm over the matter.

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Police says it launched a swoop, after residents from areas around Lubowa, Zzana, Bunamwaya, Katale, Bukwenda, Seguku and Nalumunye complained that thugs were extorting money unsuspecting owners of the vehicles, by leaving behind their telephone numbers asking victims to pay a ransom to repossess their licenses.

Kampala Metropolitan Deputy police spokesperson, ASP Luke Oweyesigyire, said the police tracked down the suspects identified as Brian Natamba and Saul Katushabe who had terrorised the residents of Namasuba, Zana, Lubowa and Bunamwaya.

“When the victims call the suspects’ mobile phone number, the receiver tells them to send them money first before they reveal to them where they hid the licence plates,” he revealed.

Oweyesigire added that after their arrest, the suspects led the police to where they had hid the licence plates and police managed to recover at least forty six license plates and verification of the owners of the plates is ongoing.

Oweyesigyire also said the suspects were already listed in police crime database as they had been arrested before over a similar offence.

“They will be arraigned in courts of law again as soon as investigations are done,” Oweyesigyire said

He further urged those that might have lost their licence plates should visit Lubowa police station to identify their licence plates.



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