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Janet Museveni rallies leaders to mobilize for COVID-19 vaccination


Janet Museveni rallies leaders to mobilize for COVID-19 vaccination

Janet Museveni

The Minister of Education and sports Janet Kataha Museveni has rallied leaders at district and lower administration levels to mobilize teachers and learners aged 12 to 18 years and above to go for their COVID-19 vaccination jab.

“Today, we appeal to the public to join us in efforts of mobilizing our teachers and learners aged 18 years and above in all the Education Institutions of Learning – both public and private, to go for their COVID-19 vaccination jab. The task of mobilizing our teachers and learners to get vaccinated cannot be left to the Ministry responsible for Education alone,” she said.

On July, 30 President Museveni lifted the 42 days lockdown but kept Education institutions of learning closed.

The president said Education Institutions of Learning shall remain closed for some time until certain conditions are attended to.

These conditions included getting all teaching staff in these Institutions and the learners aged 12 to 18 years vaccinated.

The first lady in a statement said, Getting the teaching staff and learners vaccinated is first and foremost for their own personal wellbeing and safety.

“As you all know, delivery of learning is a highly interactive physical process in the context of our country. Most formal learning takes place in a designated physical learning environment called a school or institution of learning,”

She however said delivery of learning is not by teaching staff alone. They are supported by some critical non-teaching staff. “Therefore, in our mobilization efforts for teaching staff to get vaccinated, we do include the critical non-teaching staff that work closely with the learners.”

She urged all collaborative stakeholders in the local governments such as District Chairpersons and Councilors, RDCs and RCCs, CAOs, DEOs among others to go out and sound the trumpet of mobilizing teachers to be vaccinated.

“We also extend our appeal to the various fraternity associations that bring together teaching staff, non-teaching staff, head teachers, principals, and other heads of tertiary institutions. Please use your formal and informal structures to get your respective teaching staff and the critical non-academic staff to go get their COVID-19 jab,” she noted

Museveni says they have engaged the health ministry to align efforts towards getting teachers and learners above 18 years of age vaccinated.

She says the Ministry of Health shall inform the public once COVID19 vaccines that are approved for people aged 12 – 16 years of age have become available.



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