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Police warns it is resuming enforcement of curfew, starting today


Police warns it is resuming enforcement of curfew, starting today

Curfew violators will be treated to this

Police in Kampala has warned the general public against continuous violation of curfew hours.

Asp. Luke Oweyisgire, the Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson said that the public (motorists and pedestrians) have continuously abused curfew time.

“It should be noted that as per the recent presidential directives on COVID-19, the curfew time was set and it must be followed,” he said.

Oweyisgire said that although businesses were reopened, people should be at their homes by 7pm in the evening.

The president while partially lifting the lockdown last Friday said Boda bodas are allowed to carry one passenger but should stop operating at 6pm.

“On that note, we would like to inform the general public that Kampala Metropolitan Police will starting today, (Aug – 3,2021) to heighten operations against those flaunting curfew,” he said

Oweyisgire said that “whoever will be found violating curfew guidelines, will be arrested, cars impounded and taken to courts of law for prosecution,”

“We would like to advise members of the public to plan their schedule to avoid any inconvenience from the Police,” he said.

Police even in the lockdown have been conducting operations where hundreds were arrested in bleach of different SOPs including curfews, where culprits were fined and others remanded.



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