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All eyes on Museveni to discipline his errant commanders of torture


All eyes on Museveni to discipline his errant commanders of torture

Torture: Above two images show how Kakwenza was beaten while the low Image shows Masereka’s wounds inflicted on him by security forces

The President of the Uganda Law Society Pheona Wall Nabasa has joined the long list of Ugandans calling upon President Yoweri Museveni to crack the whip on members of security forces who torture members of the opposition.

This comes at the time when the public discourse is filled with an angry debate about pictures depicting wounds and scars inflicted on author Kakwenza Rukirabashaija and NUP’ mobilizer Samuel Masereka who both say they were beaten and tortured by members of the Special Forces – which guards President Museveni.

While speaking at the opening of the new law year celebrations that was organised by the Judiciary, Nabasa asked Museveni to investigate and discipline members of security forces who torture citizens.

Nabasa said: “Your Excellency, in one of your previous addresses to the nation in 2021, you sent out a stern warning against torture of civilians by security forces. I request that Investigations should be made against such perpetrators and they should be subjected to the long arm of the law.”

Museveni was officiating the opening of the law year event.

Calls for the fountain of honour to discipline errant soldiers have come from many corners, individuals and institutions of Uganda’s society including individual police officers.

But the President made a cryptic comment at the event which would appear to be his response to those calling for accountability for human rights abuses committed by his men.

Museveni said: “I’ve been quarrelling about this issue of bail. It is a provocation. In my culture, when you wrong me, my clan has a duty to avenge. That’s why when my son was born, I named him Muhoozi which means vengeance, such that when someone wrongs me he avenges.”

Kakwenza was arrested on December 28,2021 by Special Forces members for allegedly posting an offensive comment against president Museveni and his Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Kakwenza spent two weeks enduring torture in a place he described as being near Entebbe airport – because he used to hear planes take off and land.



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