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Kasuku backs Precious Remmie in war with cowife


Kasuku backs Precious Remmie in war with cowife

Rehema Nakitto aka Precious Remmie, left and big supporter Kasuku

Popular Dembe FM presenter Isaac Katende alias Kasuku has come out in defense of Spark TV Queen Rehema Nakitto aka Precious Remmie who’s engaged in a war of words with her ‘cowife’.

There has been a war of words between Precious Remmie and Sophia Akum, the woman who had a child with now Remmie’s new hubby, Raymond Bindeeba.

Akumu reached out to Remmie to plead with her to influence her former lover to support his abandoned teenage child.

Akum came out and revealed that back in 2007 while in S.3 Bindeeba, impregnated her leading her to have a child at such a young age.

Akumu says Bindeeba denied paternity aven after a DNA proved he was the father of her child.

Precious Remmie says Akumu reached out to her to tell Bindeeba to fulfill his obligatios of taking care of the child but so far in vain.

Remmi is worried Akumu may be trying to use the child story to try to get back with Bindeeba.

Remmie says the best support she can give Akumu is if she’s the go-between with her former hubby.

Remmie has gone a step ahead and asked all her husband’s baby mamas to bring his children to her with proof that Bindeeba is indeed the father because she is ready to care for them.

In the meantime, Akumu’s pleas for child support have attracted positive responses from social philanthropist Sophia Namutebi aka Maama Phina.

In his morning television show, Kasuku said that Precious Remmie believes that Akum wants her ex “Bindeeba” back yet he is now the former’s husband.

Through a phone call with Maama Phiina, Remmie said she had agreed to help out Akum only if all communications pass through her. She wants to be Akumu and Bindeeba’s go-between.



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